Don Quixote -Tilting at the Windmills of Health & Social Care

Welcome to the contemporary world of Don Quixote and his travels across the ‘La Manche’ of health and social care in the UK.

Don Quijote and Sancho Panza, drawn by Honoré ...

Don Quijote and Sancho Panza, drawn by Honoré Daumier, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to the world of Don Quixote de la Walton.

        “I tell you, when it comes to asking stupid questions and giving crazy answers, I don’t  need to go looking for help from my neighbours.”

Explore more than just the landscape of adult health & social care in the UK. Be armed with knowledge & up to date information when taking on those ‘windmills’.

Interspersed with information on books, covering a range of subjects.

New for 2014 will be some ‘hobby pages’ – expressions of my indulgence & exploration into the world of culinary art, a look at some amazing architecture [windmills aside] & if you know nothing about ‘Raspberry -Pi’ & the world of ‘Arduino’, well you will be shortly be informed. Put down your sword & take up thy soldering iron.

Have I forgotten something? Of course  LEGO – how bricks can be transformed into movies, robots & even learning resources.

All the gadgets, gizmos & accessories that a ‘fashionable’ Don Quixote’s needs in his life!

A journey accompanied – of course – by Sancho Panza & Rosinante, experts in their own right!

“You think you’re brave and courageous, when you’re really old; you think you’re strong, when you’re really feeble; you think you can go righting wrongs when age has bent you in half — and, above all, that you’re a knight, when you’re not, because even though gentlemen can become knights, poor ones can’t!” 


   Start the journey – be wise, be informed & be gallant!


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Don Quixote -Tilting at the Windmills of Health & Social Care

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